Chattanooga to Karachi: Resilient Under Violence

A suspicious fire and a white power symbol at a legendary leadership school in the U.S. South. And a brutal backlash to a women’s rights march in Pakistan. This week, leaders who are resilient under violence, with the co-executive directors of the Highlander Center in Tennessee and attorney and activist Nighat Dad.

Recently, a fire at Highlander Center gained national attention for the historic movement institution. Donations, messages of love, and some knee-jerk panic poured in for the co-directors, well known to the Laura Flanders Show. Co-directors Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson and Rev. Allyn Maxfield-Steele join us from Chattanooga to discuss the fire at their home, as well as arsons across the country and world, at Black churches, at Notre Dame, and in Sri Lanka.  Has capitalism limited our empathy?


More in this episode: Pakistani activist, lawyer, and feminist on why digital rights are fundamentally civil and human rights that women deserve. Advances to allow for women’s access to technology have been made in Pakistan, says Dad. But true freedom of access is still a long ways away As an organizer of Pakistan’s aurat march (Women’s March), Dad has experienced both the danger and the satisfaction that can come from challenging cultural restrictions. She is the founder and Executive Director of Pakistan’s Digital Rights Foundation.


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