From my days at Your Call, or Air America Radio, to GRITtv, and our launch on PBS stations nationwide, you know I’m committed to forward thinking reporting. Many of you rely on The Laura Flanders Show to bring you tomorrow’s solutions, today.

Whether you have followed the program for years, or just found us recently, I am honored to have you with us. Today I am announcing an exciting new era of The Laura Flanders Show, and you’re among the first people to know.

Beginning this spring, The Laura Flanders Show will become Laura Flanders & Friends. It’s the show you know and love, now with more voices and more choices. I’m inviting co-hosts, field reporters and special guests from around the country to join me for this new season.

Season One of Laura Flanders & Friends is already packed with renowned leaders in the fields of art, politics, economics and more. Our first guest is a professor, author, and feminist political activist born in Birmingham, Alabama — can you guess? A few weeks ago, we asked our donors to submit questions to this guest. Catch the episode and see if your query made the cut.

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As newsrooms across the country are shutting their doors, this little project of ours keeps alive thanks to you. We keep our expenses down and our overhead low. Still, syndication is costly. We don’t receive money from advertisers or PBS.  None of our work would be possible without the generous support of viewers and listeners like you.

As we commit to another year of forward-thinking programming, with more people, and more news, it’s our monthly donors who give us the confidence to go forward. They pledge to contribute an amount that feels right to them, spread out, monthly, over the year. That’s an easy, automated donation for them and reliable income for us.

If you’re not a supporter already, learn how you can help Laura Flanders & Friends. If you’re a supporter consider becoming a monthly subscriber. It’s fast and easy, and there are perks — like exclusive events and early access to special extras — like the SECOND PART of my interview with Angela Davis — the part we didn’t put on TV yet.

All the information is on our Patreon.

Thank you for being a part of this special community. See you for Season One of Laura Flanders & Friends.

Stay kind, stay curious,