Visual Description: Cartoons of half a dozen people of different races and genders holding signs. The text says How to make a democratic economy, Marjorie Kelly and Ted Howard Title: Covid in the Country, Lessons for America from a Rural County. Visual Description: In front of a barn with a large American flag, Laura Flanders, wearing a mask, interviews a man in a pickup truck by holding out her cellphone on the end of a long selfie stick. Visual Description: Three photos: on the right, a white man in his 40s, in the middle, a Latinx man in his 50s, on the right, a Black woman in her 40s. Underneath, text that says David Wallis, Joseph Rodriguez, Yoruba Richen. Reporting on Economic Hardship.

“The TV and Radio show where the people who say it can’t be done take a backseat

to the people who are doing it.”

The place where the people who say it can’t be done take a backseat to the people who are doing it.

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Making Buffalo Our City

About Buffalo, New York, was once a booming industrial town fueled by cheap power from Niagara Falls, a center of commerce and trade, the first city in the US...

Cooperation and Community Wealth Building

About What can organizations accomplish when they work together? A lot, it turns out. That's the lesson that Kay Johnson, director of The Larder in Preston, UK, shares in...

Building A Democratic Economy

About How does an economy emerge from recession? Historically, cities hard hit by deindustrialization have strived to attract big employers from elsewhere by offering incentives and tax breaks. But...

How to Make a Democratic Economy

About The strength of the U.S. economy is often at the center of debate during an election season. But whether the economy is good or bad, there is no...

Featured Episodes

NYC Organizers Say #NOHQ2 and Win Amazon’s New York City headquarters is off. As we go to air, it looks as if the mega-seller has pulled out of its plan to locate in New York. In a conversation recorded before that...

Catastrophes, Cooperatives, and Capital In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, something unexpected rose up out of the devastation in the Rockaways-- worker-owned businesses. Six years later, we get an update from Lorena Giron and Brendan Martin of The...

Excerpt: Jeremy Corbyn on the Replicability of Labour’s Model and Education as A Right" can't cut your way to prosperity, you invest your way into prosperity." - Jeremy Corbyn on the replicability of The Labour Party's Model. Watch his full interview here:

The Future is Public: Special Report from Amsterdam

  About the Show   From Austria to Chile, Lagos to London, people are demanding policies that democratize economies and keep public resources in public hands. In just the last decade, more than 2,400 cities in 58...

Special Report: Self Governance – The Southern Movements’ Way week's Laura Flanders Show comes from Whitakers, North Carolina and the annual gathering of the Southern Movement Assemblies -- a living experiment in popular democracy and local self governance. Plantation politics, monopoly...

Evo Morales with Laura Flanders

Watch Laura's exclusive interview with Bolivian president Evo Morales back in the GRITtv days. Click here to watch part 2. Click...

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To combat #gentrification, @OURCITYbflo changed how homes are bought & sold. Their #CommunityLandTrust allows residents to gain control of their land & access #AffordableHousing.

@yesmagazine’s @TurnbullL reports on more #HousingPolicy developments, HERE:

“We’re seeing our city grow but who is it growing for & how is it growing?”

This week, activist & 2019 @BFLO_CC candidate, @Franco4Buffalo, questions whether #Buffalo, NY is shifting towards #inclusion or division by #gentrification, #UrbanDevelopment & #redistricting.

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