“The TV and Radio show where the people who say it can’t be done take a backseat

to the people who are doing it.”

The place where the people who say it can’t be done take a backseat to the people who are doing it.

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Countering the Coup: From the Grassroots Up

About In the aftermath of the January 6th siege of the Capitol by a mob of Trump supporters, Laura convenes a panel of pro-democracy activists to discuss the fate...

Unforget, Dream, Build

About The Trump years have seen a doubling-down on the immigrants-as-problem narrative in which migrants are accused of bringing gang violence, crime, and disease to the United States, and...

The Pandemic Economy

About The economic collapse unfolding before our eyes is much bigger than it appears and the solution isn’t simply to “build back better.” COVID-19 didn’t create the challenges we...

The Economics of Abolition

About “Defund the police” became a rallying cry in the summer of 2020 as demonstrators flooded streets across the United States to demand an end to police brutality in...

Transportation is a Human Right

About The U.S. transportation system has long been rife with inequality, making it more difficult for low-income people, people of color, and people with disabilities to get where they...

Featured Episodes

Election 2020

About The US holds a momentous election amid a global pandemic, an economic meltdown and one of the most polarizing presidencies in generations. In this episode, recorded just hours...

Special Report: Self Governance – The Southern Movements’ Way

This week's Laura Flanders Show comes from Whitakers, North Carolina and the annual gathering of the Southern Movement Assemblies -- a living experiment in popular democracy and local self governance. Plantation politics, monopoly capitalism,...

By Every Means Necessary: Southern Progressives Are Shaking Up Politics

When you live in the rural South, your story rarely makes the news, but Southern activists are shaking things up, with their votes, and their broadband transmitter too. This week, Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson and Rev....

The Edge of Democracy: The Rise of Authoritarianism in Brazil

In her new film, The Edge of Democracy, director Petra Costa tells the story of how Brazil went from a rising star among free nations to a democracy on the verge of collapse. With...

Chattanooga to Karachi: Resilient Under Violence

A suspicious fire and a white power symbol at a legendary leadership school in the U.S. South. And a brutal backlash to a women's rights march in Pakistan. This week, leaders who are resilient...

Lynching and Lunacy

About Acclaimed white anti-racist scholar Mab Segrest, author of the influential book Memoir of a Race Traitor, takes Laura through the US South to trace the racist roots of...

Hidden Gems

Eduardo Galeano: Stories Of Almost Everyone

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH0OPatdPLURecorded in May 2009: Eduardo Galeano (1940-2015) Laura Flanders interviewed the author in anticipation of what would become his last book, Mirrors: Stories of Almost Everyone, published by Nation Books. Galeano spent a lifetime...

Chilean Women Seek Justice 40 Years After Coup

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9EB0byb_bALaura Flanders' show streams at GRITtv.org. 40 years after the Nixon-administration backed coup in Chile, photographer Paula Allen and Victoria Saavedra Gonzalez whose 17 year old brother was "disappeared", describe the search for...

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"Violent acts such as the riot on Capitol Hill have been incubating in the Western U.S. for years. Some have stormed federal buildings and threatened agents, with little legal consequences." - @ailsachang / @NPR

Full Article: http://n.pr/35Dz9ST

"While the Trump era has empowered anti-government extremists in new and dangerous ways, it has offered some relief to the public-land employees in the West who often bear the brunt of extremist ideologies." - @Carlschirps / @highcountrynews

Full Article: http://bit.ly/39Bt7nd

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