As the brutal Israeli bombardment of Gaza continues, you can only imagine the debates inside newsrooms. Do you go ahead with the programming you had planned or suspend it for something more newsworthy instead?

We had that conversation recently and ended up deciding that my conversation with Colette Pichon Battle and her message on liberation are critically important for these times. What she has to say about grappling with history and our responsibilities as humans on an imperiled planet of dealing with loss and movement and change, what she has to say about taproots, those roots from which all other roots spring. It all seems like a message for this moment.

Can we grapple with our past, reckon with our responsibilities? Can we relish and celebrate our time on this planet to make a difference, to do our part, to change?

We, it seems to me as humans are at a tipping point, is it a point of transformation? You tell me.

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