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What does it take to be politically outspoken in Hollywood? You may know Amanda Seales from her role on HBO’s “Insecure”, her stand-up comedy, her podcast and radio show or her viral videos on social media. She’s lost agents, her publicist, and had speaking gigs retracted for her commitment to social justice. From Black women to Palestinians in Gaza, Seales uses her platform to speak honestly about harm done to others. She talks powerfully about her experiences with the dangers of fame and celebrity in Hollywood, neurodivergence, white supremacy and a whole lot more. In this conversation, Laura Flanders asks Amanda Seales about our progress as a country, what it means to be an “artistic intellectual” and about the educators who’ve helped her along the way. Hear why Seales is “divesting from celebrity” and taking backlash from her support for Palestinians as “a badge of honor”. Plus, go behind the scenes with Seales with the full, uncut conversation from this week’s show. Laura will tell you more.

“. . . You are definitely expected to just take whatever gossip is said about you. You have to take it all on the chin because you’ve made this somehow unspoken exchange that having monetary gain and visibility means that you have to allow harm. And what I’ve decided is I am divesting from celebrity.” – Amanda Seales

“I lost my agents, I lost my publicist, and I have definitely had speaking engagements and different gigs retracted because of my support of Palestine and my outward support of the ending of apartheid in Palestine. I got to tell you, I take it as a badge of honor. I do. It’s good trouble, rest in peace to John Lewis. I am so honored for all those people.” – Amanda Seales


  • Amanda Seales: Artistic Intellectual

Portions of this interview are featured in our episode, “Amanda Seales Takes the Heat: Speaking Out About Gaza & Hollywood”.