Visual Description: On the left half of the image is a photo of Laura Flanders, a white woman in hr 50s; on the left side is a black and white photo of Dax-Devlon Ross, a Black man in his late 30s. Underneath it says Racial Justice is Also Economic Justice, Forward Thinking.

Racial Justice is Also Economic Justice

About Newark, NJ has been held up as a real world example of what defunding the police could actually look like. The Newark Community Street Team, which we featured on this week's episode of The...

Minneapolis Model to Abolish Police

The Minneapolis City Council’s forthcoming proposal to disband its police department was built on years of activism and resistance to systemic police violence and racism. But while calls to defund the police have only...

Juneteenth: What Lies Ahead? – F Word

Juneteenth: What Lies Ahead—Tulsa 1921 or Something We Haven't Built Yet?     To download, please subscribe. To download a single episode, click share in the podcast player above.       Every Juneteenth has me thinking about life and the...

Mass Incarceration: Envisioning A Moral Future, Featuring Michelle Alexander

How do we define "love is love," and what are we willing to do to defend one another? This week, we speak with a group of LGBTQIA leaders on just that.

New Justice: A World Beyond Prisons

Prisons, police and punishment through incarceration. Are they with us forever in the land of the free? Sustained campaigns for change are beginning to pay off. At the community level, it turns out that...

Community Land Trusts: A Model for Reparations?

Our city's economy – what is it for? New York's has been very good at piling up profits and building tall buildings. But all that private profit has come at a cost to public services and public trust. Could it be different?

Sex, Pleasure, and Liberation: Desire in A World Transformed

Regulation, degradation, shaming, blaming - enough! Is it time for sexual liberation yet? We talk a lot about sex but not often enough about pleasure, On today's show we try to make up for...

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