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What happened in Georgia in 2020? The election of two Democrats to the Senate from that state handed the presidency to Joe Biden and control of Congress to the Democrats. This was no flash in the pan, but rather the result of decades of organizing. Ray McClendon and Steven Rosenfeld, the editors of a new book, call it the ‘Georgia Way.’ “The Georgia Way: How to Win Elections” is an oral history intended to both record the strategies used in Georgia to turn out overlooked voters, and how to spark civic involvement across the US. Andrea Miller, the Executive Director of the Center for Common Ground, People Demanding Action weighs in on the strategizing in Virginia. Hear Laura and guests unpack what’s happening in Georgia and key states across the US ahead of the midterm elections and 2024. And get Laura’s two cents on election deniers.

“What is most needed right now is for people to understand that this election is not about policy, but it’s about those who believe in democracy and those who want to see us move to a more authoritarian form of government.” – Ray McClendon

“People are going to need to be poll workers. They are going to need to be monitors. They are going to need to be outside, reporting any problems they see. We’re reading about groups training people to challenge voters.” – Andrea Miller

“Andrea and Ray have taken the time to try to talk to people first, not on the eve of the election, but beforehand to try to get a sense of, “What are you really concerned about?” I know that sounds so simple and obvious, but it’s really not done in these statewide and national campaign committee-driven efforts.” – Steven Rosenfeld


  • Ray McClendon: Editor, The Georgia Way: How to Win Elections; Political Action Committee Chair, NAACP Atlanta, Georgia
  • Andrea Miller: Founding Board Member & Executive Director, Center for Common Ground; Executive Director, People Demanding Action
  • Steven Rosenfeld: Editor, The Georgia Way: How to Win Elections; Editor & Chief Correspondent, Voting Booth: Independent Media Institute

Portions of this interview are featured in our episode “The Georgia Way: Strategies that Work for Winning Elections