Sarah Jones on Sex & Making an “Unorthodoc”

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Sarah Jones, Tony Award-winning performer and comedian, is making a different kind of documentary. She calls it an ‘unorthodoc’ about sex, power, race, and our economy and how you even talk about such things in today’s polarized and commercial media world. “Sell/Buy/Date” expands on Jones’ acclaimed 2016 off-Broadway solo production of the same name. She plays herself in the film along with four different characters that she’s created, as well as real people whom she interviews, including people in the sex industry with an array of opinions about it. You will see activists of all kinds alongside celebrities. Rosario Dawson and Bryan Cranston make an appearance. And of course, there’s Sarah’s own mom. The film, produced by Meryl Streep, is in some theaters now and starts streaming November 8 on Amazon Prime. Join Laura, Sarah, and a few unexpected guests for this honest (and hilarious) conversation.

“We think of the sex industry as the oldest profession. It’s really more like the oldest conversation we’re not having in an honest way, about something that affects us all as human beings.” – Sarah Jones

“I love the expression, ‘hurt people hurt people, but free people free people.’ I’d love to see all of us across the gender continuum around this very tricky topic of capitalism and sex and where they merge.” – Sarah Jones


  • Sarah Jones: Tony Award-winning Solo Performer, Writer, Comedian & Activist; Film Director & Star, Sell/Buy/Date, Foment Productions

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