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Red, Republican, anti abortion, anti trans — Texas has certainly been a testing ground for backlash policies and politicians, and that could be what’s happening now, but could it also be a bellwether of a different sort? Why is the reactionary backlash and the resistance to it that’s happening in Texas vital for the rest of the country? Our guests today say that their state could be a predictor of how 21st century change happens, when people organize differently. What do people who don’t live there have wrong about Texas and what do Texans see as the path to “reclaiming” their state?


  • Aimee Arrambide, Executive Director, AVOW
  • Greg Casar, Texas Congressional Democratic nominee
  • Eesha Pandit, Co-founder, Center for Advancing Innovative Policy (CAIP)
  • Emmett Schelling, Executive Director, Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT)

Full research and reading list to further delve into the conversation is available here.

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