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The latest peace talks in the Russia – Ukraine war may lead to an eventual ceasefire but not before displacing millions and damaging the air, water and land of what was known as the bread basket for the world. This week, we’ve assembled a roundtable of human rights advocates from Ukraine, Russia & the United States to discuss the ongoing conflict and who highlight models of local resistance and support. Our guests have been working for democracy in Ukraine, Russia, and the US for years and partnering with efforts across the world. What do Ukrainian and Russian comrades see as possible pathways to peace and justice, and what does global solidarity look like? What happens next will have long lasting impacts on all of us.


  • Phyllis Bennis, Director, New Internationalism Project-Institute for Policy Studies
  • Anastasiya Leukhina, Lecturer, Kyiv School of Economics
  • Dmitri Makarov, Human Rights Defender, Council Member, Moscow Helsinki Group

Full research and reading list to further delve into the conversation is available here.

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