The hidden sheroes of film editing

The Hidden Sheroes of Film Editing

The Hidden Sheroes of Film Editing: From Hollywood to Bollywood and Beyond




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What are you watching? There’s a good chance it was edited by a woman. This time on the Laura Flanders Show, we talk with avant-garde filmmaker and cinema studies professor Su Friedrich about the hidden sheroes of film editing, the names you don’t know but ought to know from Hollywood to Bollywood and beyond. Aside from Blanche Sewell, the editor of The Wizard of Oz, and Thelma Schoonmaker, Martin Scorsese’s editor for over fifty years, there is Renu Saluja, who edited many classics of 1990s Indian cinema, and Mexico’s Gloria Schoemann, one of the most prolific editors in history with over 227 film credits to her name.


Friedrich is filling the gaps in global cinema history with an online archive called Edited By… which challenges the very notion of the solo cinema “auteur”.  Without Viola Lawrence, for example, Orson Welles might never have made a successful film. While cinemas are closed for public health and new movie releases are on hold, Friedrich’s revealing conversation with Flanders—and her list of films edited by women —make for recommended viewing in these pandemic times.





“Editing, if it’s done well, is seamless. You don’t notice it.”





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Su Friedrich, avant garde filmmaker and cinema studies professor



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