Lannan cultural freedom fellowship

This year’s Lannan Cultural Freedom Fellows

(Krystal Two Bulls, Danny Sjursen, Laura Flanders, Jen Marlowe, Janine Jackson)



We’re excited to announce that Laura is one of this year’s five Lannan Cultural Freedom Fellows.


The Cultural Freedom Fellowship is awarded to individuals who promote cultural freedom, which Lannan defines as “the right of individuals and communities to define and protect valued and diverse ways of life currently threatened by globalization.”


This year’s cohort of Cultural Freedom Fellows are all champions of independent media. Laura is joined by her former colleague, Janine Jackson, program director of FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) and host and producer of FAIR’s radio program, CounterSpin; Danny Sjursen, a former military strategist and writer working towards demilitarization and the decolonization of the Americas; Krystal Two Bulls, an environmental and indigenous rights activist involved with the Standing Rock uprising and who is also the founder of Voices of the Sacred; and Jen Marlowe, an award-winning author, documentary filmmaker, playwright and human rights activist, several of whose films we’ve featured on the show!


Lannan has awarded the Cultural Freedom Fellowship to independent journalists before, but as far as we know, this is the first time they have invested in independent media advocacy as a sector. Each of these honorees is an outspoken proponent of independent media as absolutely critical to the health of our democracy.


Here at The Laura Flanders Show, we’re doubling down on our advocacy for independent media. The award, which comes with some personal funding, affords Laura a chance to write more on the topic—which we here at the show will be doing our best to support.


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