We’re thrilled to announce that the Women’s Media Center has honored Laura Flanders with the 2019 Pat Mitchell Lifetime Achievement Award. WMC chose Laura “for her extraordinary work and contributions in advancing progressive and inclusive media, and her consistent exposure of diverse voices, accurate news, and new ideas on The Laura Flanders Show.”


You can see some highlights of the night here.


This award puts Laura in some illustrious company. Past honorees of WMC’s Lifetime Achievement Award include Pat Mitchell (2014), Abigail Disney (2018), and Regina K. Skully (2016).


We believe Laura’s work is more important now than ever. The Laura Flanders Show doesn’t just report on the problems facing us; it explores the solutions being put forward across the country, and even the world, because it’s not enough to know what’s wrong—we need to know where to go next. The Laura Flanders Show looks at every issue through the lens of gender, race, and class, and exposes the systemic problems in our society that need to be changed.


This reporting is incredibly important, and it’s wonderful to have Laura’s pivotal role in the progressive media ecosystem recognized. But this award is also a recognition of YOU. Because without your support, The Laura Flanders Show wouldn’t be possible. We don’t have any advertisers or corporate sponsors backing us. We have YOU. So will you continue to support award-winning, forward-thinking media? It’s easy. All you have to do is click here and subscribe to us on Patreon. For as little as $3/month, you can join our Patreon community and get access to awesome audio extras and behind the scenes content.


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Thank you for making the work we do possible! ❤️




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