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There are more anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers than there are abortion clinics in the U.S., even in states like New York where abortion is legal. Fake clinics are feeding people disinformation, laws are criminalizing doctors and patients, and the climate of stigma and fear has only worsened since the Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health in 2022. The Dobbs decision took away the constitutional right to abortion, abandoned almost fifty years of precedent, and paved the way for states to ban abortion entirely, as more than a dozen have. In this episode, Laura Flanders and co-host Adaku Utah explore the situation in a so-called safe haven (New York), and the frameworks for care that BIPOC reproductive justice activists — whose people have never been served well by the health system — are drawing on for strength and survival today. Our guests are Elizabeth Estrada, New York Field & Advocacy Manager at the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice and Chelsea Williams-Diggs, Executive Director of the New York Abortion Access Fund. Join us to hear why community care and “chisme” are critical in this moment.

“The Supreme Court went against the will of the people. What we’re doing now is asking people to join in advocacy, join in the streets . . . Talk to your loved ones about why you support abortion access and try to do it with compassion, understanding, and a fierce heart because now is the time and we need everybody’s voice.” – Elizabeth Estrada

“. . . I feel both hope and heartbreak right now as we are speaking. Cops and courts are increasingly punishing and investigating people who are trying to seek basic healthcare as abortion. There is less access to gender affirming care. And of course, the genocides that are happening in Palestine, Sudan, and the Congo are stripping people of their lands and literally their lives.” – Adaku Utah

“The worst has already happened, and it happened under a democratic president. Let’s be very clear. Dobbs happened. Abortion is no longer a nationally protected right. There are people who are struggling to access care today. They can’t wait for November . . .” – Chelsea Williams-Diggs


  • Elizabeth Estrada: NY Field & Advocacy Manager, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice
  • Adaku Utah: Senior Manager of Movement Building Programs, Building Movement Project; Organizer, Grassroots Strategist, Politicized Healer
  • Chelsea Williams-Diggs: Executive Director, New York Abortion Access Fund

Portions of this interview are featured in our episode, “Post Dobbs Crisis: Visions for Abortion Access & Radical Care”.