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The following is my entire conversation with Angela M. Thorpe, Executive Director of the Pauli Murray Center for History and Social Justice. Pauli Murray was a gender non-conforming African American legal scholar and pioneer in the civil rights movement who graduated first in class at Howard Law School. Rejected by Harvard because of her gender, Murray went on to become the first African American to receive a Doctorate from Yale Law School. She was featured in our Special Report, Deciding the Fate of Democracy in North Carolina. In that episode we looked at anti-democratic election laws, extreme partisan gerrymandering and a historic legal case, Moore Vs. Harper. It’s a case on the US Supreme Court docket that could give state lawmakers unchecked power over how elections are held — including who gets to vote.

“I think Pauli Murray would be incredibly concerned with the way legislatures and states across the US are working to strip people, particularly Black people, of their voting rights.” – Angela M. Thorpe


Portions of this interview are featured in our episode, “Deciding the Fate of Democracy in North Carolina”.

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