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The Earth’s temperature is rising at an alarming rate, and time is running out to change direction according to the IPCC. But veteran organizer/strategist Ben Jealous (formerly of the NAACP) sees history as being replete with examples of humans doing the unpredictable in history’s toughest moments. It’s that perspective, and those stories, compiled in his new book, that Jealous brings to his new job as head of the Sierra Club. The first African American to lead a “Big Green” environmental organization, Jealous explores his plans, the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, and President Biden’s greenlighting of potentially catastrophic drilling projects in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. All that, and a few thoughts from Laura about hidden history and the Southeast Alaska Sustainability Strategy, or SASS.

“. . . We’ve got to show up to the American people with a vision that says we can build a better economy that lifts all boats. We have the technology, we have the resources, we have the demand, we have the will.” – Ben Jealous


Portions of this interview are featured in our episode, “The Sierra Club’s Ben Jealous: Parables of Healing for the Environmental Movement.”

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