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What if there was a way to trade time and share skills with your neighbors in a way that met a range of needs without involving cash? Since 2017, the Kola Nut Collaborative has operated Chicago’s only open platform, time and skills exchange, otherwise known as a timebank. Part mutual aid and community organizing, members come together to hear each other’s needs and share what they have to offer. Founding coordinator Mike Strode speaks with Laura about the changes he has seen in his community, how people are showing up for others, and what it takes to build a solidarity economy. Tune in for more on timebanking, and how it just might work in your community.

“The notion of the lone entrepreneur funneling out on the boat is impossible. We get together by community. So starting a time bank involves you actually being in community.”

“Solidarity economy is a post-capitalist framework. Ultimately we are still in capitalism . . .  so until we rest ourselves from capitalism, we will continue to be very far from the solidarity economy.”


  • Mike Strode: Founding Coordinator, Kola Nut Collaborative Timebank

Portions of this interview are featured in our episode “Kola Nut Timebank: Building Community, One Hour at a Time.”

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