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Can a predominantly white state legislature overturn the votes of a predominantly Black city? Larry Krasner, Philadelphia’s District Attorney was elected in 2017 on a reform agenda and has been targeted by a GOP backlash ever since. This October, on the last day of business before the 2022 midterms, Republican State Rep. Martina White filed articles for impeachment. If the initiative wins a majority in the GOP-dominated state house, Krasner will have to stand trial in the Senate. To discuss the effort to impeach Krasner, the threat posed to democracy, and how, despite the news reporting, Krasner’s reform initiatives work, Laura is joined by the D.A. himself, along with Sara Lomax-Reese of URL Media and Charles Ellison, host of WURD Radio’s ‘Reality Check’ program. How has the GOP weaponized the issue of violence to smear criminal justice reform and the Democrats pushing for change? And what is being done about the disregard being shown to Black voters who voted heavily for the DA and largely continue to support Krasner’s work? And Laura’s closing commentary on how the story’s being covered — or not.

“This is a direct effort by Republicans and the rest of the state to erase the vote of Philadelphians. If they get away with the district attorney, then that means they can erase the votes for mayor, and they can erase the votes for president, or city council or for any other elected official.” – Larry Krasner

“What we need to look out for here is that when the party that cannot win in a particular place is finding ways to erase its votes, this is the end of democracy.” – Larry Krasner


  • Charles D. Ellison (Co-Host): Executive Producer/Host, “Reality Check” on WURD –
  • Larry Krasner: District Attorney, Philadelphia, PA
  • Sara Lomax-Reese (Co-Host): Co-Founder, URL Media

Portions of this interview are featured in our episode “D.A. Larry Krasner Facing Impeachment: Criminal Justice Reform in the Crosshairs

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