Militarization & Uvalde: The Context Media Coverage Omits

Whether it’s Buffalo, NY, Uvalde, TX or Philadelphia, PA — we are witnessing an unprecedented wave of terror at the muzzle of a gun. But all mass shootings are not covered in the same way. What determines the nature of the coverage? And what is the media getting wrong — or right — on gun violence reporting? In this episode, Laura Flanders welcomes back Mitra Kalita and Sara Lomax-Reese of URL Media, a network of independently owned and operated Black and Brown media outlets, for this month’s “Meet the BIPOC Press.” Our returning guest Michelle García is a Texas-based journalist whose searing reporting in the aftermath of the Uvalde shooting honed in on the structures of militarization that devalue the lives of local residents.

“I’m not here to humanize anybody. I’m here to understand what forces are dehumanizing people and to look that in the face.” – Michelle García

“When you are surrounded by people, the adults, the politicians describing your home as a war zone, as unlivable and peddling images of violence — does it not potentially normalize violence itself?” – Michelle García


  • Michelle García: Journalist & Author; Contributor, palabra.
  • S. Mitra Kalita (Co-Host): Co-Founder, URL Media
  • Sara Lomax-Reese (Co-Host): Co-Founder, URL Media

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