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The January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol, intended to stop the certification of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States of America, “was as close to fascism as I ever want to see our country come,” says Jamie Raskin, Democratic Congressman from Maryland. And he should know — Raskin is a Constitutional scholar as well as a long-time law school professor, and in the hours after the assault on the Capitol, he was chosen to head up the second impeachment investigation of Donald Trump. He’s also a member of the House Select Committee currently investigating the January 6 attack, now set to hold publicly televised hearings next month. “The political scientists tell that the key indicator of a successful coup is a recently failed coup where the coup plotters can diagram the deficiencies in the incumbent regime,” says Rep. Raskin. In this exclusive interview, Raskin talks with Laura about the strengths and weaknesses in US democracy and how best to address them now.

“There were a number of moments when we could have lost it all. And we want people to see precisely what happened and how close we came.” – Jamie Raskin, Congressman (D-MD), Member Jan. 6 House Select Committee


  • Jamie Raskin: Congressman (D-MD), Member Jan. 6 House Select Committee

Portions of this interview with Jamie Raskin are featured in our episode “Congressman Jamie Raskin On January 6th: After a Failed Coup, a Successful One?“.

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