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Here at The Laura Flanders Show we have a comprehensive John Jay Justice Fellowship program where participants work hands-on gaining first hand knowledge about our independent movement media operation producing our TV, radio and podcast productions. Throughout the program our entire staff spends time with each fellow sharing their expertise and knowledge from editing to scripting to promotions and technical skills, and more. We mentor our fellows and guide them in producing their own media pieces. You are about to hear one of those stories produced by John Jay Justice fellow Adelle Villarente, a sociology and Spanish language student.

Filipino nurses account for a small number of nurses in the U.S., but their impact on the American healthcare system is anything but miniscule. So when it came to light that about 31.5% of Filipino nurses died from COVID-19, Filipinos everywhere joined together in a sense of bayanihan or solidarity and community between all Filipinos. In contrast, mainstream media were quick to report on the tragedy instead of finding solutions for frontline workers. As we pass through the two year anniversary of the initial wave of COVID-19 in the U.S., how much has changed since then and what actions can we take to ensure the health and safety of Filipino nurses and healthcare workers at large?Adelle Villarente, a Filipino and daughter of nurses herself, watched her parents and relatives risk their lives while working at the hospital in 2020. With the help of folks from her community, Adelle speaks with Dr. Leo-Felix Jurado, professor, chairperson, and past president and executive director of the Philippine Nurses Association of America.  And we also heard from two Filipino registered nurses who came to the U.S. in the 90’s (who have asked to remain anonymous).  Both identified actionable models of change for our nurses, and especially for our Filipino nurses, so they can be better cared for and protected in the U.S. healthcare system.


  • Dr. Leo-Felix Jurado, Professor; Chairperson; former President and Executive Director of the Philippine Nurses Association of America, PhD, RN, APN, NE-BC, CNE, FAAN
  • *Registered nurse using the alias Joaquin Villanueva
  • *Registered nurse using the alias Rowena dela Cruz

*Choose to remain anonymous

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