The following is a letter from Bill Moyers to viewers and listeners of The Laura Flanders Show:

No journalist I know has more consistently told the truth about democracy’s systemic flaws or more effectively championed real-life reform than Laura Flanders. 

No journalist I know has been more determined to open public debate to new people and ideas.

Or worked harder to reach beyond audiences that don’t watch commercial networks or watch only one cable channel and no public media.

Or done so much with so few resources to create an informed public.

Or remains more resolute, upbeat, tenacious, and fearless against the odds.

For a long time, even public television stations refused to give The Laura Flanders Show a chance. 

Still she persisted. Knocked on doors. Made calls. Wrote letters. Her message was simple:  “Want something fresh?”; “Something rare in the medium?”; “Something decent folks really care about?”; “Something true patriots cheer?”; “OK. Give us a chance.” 

And look what’s happened. The Laura Flanders Show now has a berth on over 270 stations.  That’s right, 270. And the number is growing. Based on word-of-mouth. Neighbor-to-neighbor.  Hearty recommendations from people who have watched – and liked what they saw and heard – and shared the good news with others.

With your help, the trend will continue. Your contributions will enable Laura  to gather more people around the campfire, report more stories, and interview more forward-thinking guests.

As you can tell, I’m a Laura Flanders fan. For one reason: I like what I see. And what I see is a smart, talented, hard-working journalist – of independent spirit and rare integrity – working tirelessly to bring us news and insight into what matters. 

Because she cares.

Lend a hand, will you? Donate now to keep this journalism we desperately need on the air.

Bill Moyers

A friend of Laura Flanders. For many good reasons.