This is the full, uncut interview from our recent episode Trans Lives Depend on Owning Our Stories.

Trans liberation is the latest frontline in the struggle for civil rights. In their new documentary, Disclosure, director Sam Feder and producer Amy Scholder use over a century’s worth of film to show that trans identities have long been at the center of our collective cultural history. They join four-time Emmy nominated actress and Emmy winning producer Laverne Cox in a groundbreaking conversation with Laura on how trans people are reclaiming their stories and transforming the power structures in Hollywood. They describe the experience of assembling the first majority trans film crew and interviewing an incredible range of trans actors and media critics to understand how media shapes attitudes, behaviors, and laws about gender and trans lives. With film history as a background, Laura and guests explore what’s next for trans liberation — and the bearing it has on the continuing struggle for human rights for all. Music in the Middle, “Free” by Ultra Naté and produced by Ultra Naté and Mood 2 Swing, courtesy of the artist.


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