We need #TómateloEnSerioMX

We Need #TómateloEnSerioMX

We Need #TomateloEnSerioMX




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TómateloEnSerioMX is the hashtag under which journalists in Mexico have come together not only to protect themselves, but to stop the spread of misinformation in a country that is gearing up the fight against Covid-19. More than 80 Mexican media outlets, organizations and universities have organized under #TómateloEnSerioMx to unify their public health message, and they are focusing especially on women and other vulnerable people. Against all the odds, Jordy Meléndez Yúdico, María José Evia and Irasema Pineda Ramirez are experimenting with a new collaborative media model with lessons for US journalism. From the homeland of media magnate Carlos Slim, a story of how bigger may not be better and how collaboration can save lives.


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“In the midst of this catastrophe our imaginations have been unshackled and I think it’s time for us to kind of be bold and what we envision the country to be.”






In This Episode


Jordy Melendez Yudico, Journalist at Distintas Latitudes

María José Evia, Journalist and editor at Malvestida

Irasema Pineda Ramírez, Editor at Chilango.com



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