No Medicine for Migrants: Covid-19

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From farming to food delivery, immigrants perform many of the essential jobs we rely on. And while many undocumented migrants especially are pushed to continue working through the Covid-19 pandemic, they have no access to the healthcare system if they get sick. Patricia Mercado is the founder and director of Conexión Migrante, a Mexico City-based media company hoping to fill in the gaps. They offer services and information to the Mexican migrant community about healthcare facilities, food distribution and repatriation just to name a few. She explains to Laura that, since our government is not helping them, migrants have been forced to create alternative systems of mutual aid and support.

Many immigrants are working in unsafe conditions without masks or other personal protective equipment. Mercado tells Laura that most of the migrant community wants to know what kind of help they can get, and Conexión Migrante is working hard to provide them with up to date information. They provide services and information on repatriation, healthcare and medicine for migrants who need it. This is critical for many who do not have access to any formal help from the US government. With Sembra Media, Conexión Migrante is publishing a list of organizations state by state that are providing healthcare, mental health services and access to food.

Remittances, or the money that many immigrants send to family members in their countries of origin, is also a big concern for many. Mercado warns that these remittances, which are vital for economies and the family members who receive them, are forecast to drop 30%.


  • Patricia Mercado Sanchez, Founder and Director of Conexión Migrante

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