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From Austria to Chile, Lagos to London, people are demanding policies that democratize economies and keep public resources in public hands. In just the last decade, more than 2,400 cities in 58 countries have brought privatized resources back under public control. In this episode, Laura reports from Amsterdam at The Future is Public, a conference that brings together hundreds of organizers, scholars, and government officials who are working to democratize their municipal and national economies. If the future is indeed public, the people Laura speaks with in Amsterdam are among those working to make it happen in the present.




“We believe housing is a human right and shouldn’t be only organized by the private market.” 


— Renate Brauner





In This Episode


Fiona Dove, Executive Director at the Transnational Institute


Akinbode Oluwafemi, Deputy Executive Director of Environment Rights Action, Nigeria


Renate Brauner, Special Representative for Services of General Interest and Municipal Enterprises of the City of Vienna


Asima Shaikh, Councillor at the London Borough of Islington where she is Executive Member for Inclusive Economy and Jobs


Rodrigo Hurtado Osbar, Executive Director of the Open University of Recoleta



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