How the Diversity Industry is Failing and What We Can Do to Fix It

How The Diversity Industry Is Failing And What We Can Do To Fix It

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In an era when companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on diversity and inclusion programs, the proportion of African Americans in tech, media, and business leadership roles is stagnating. In her new book, Diversity, Inc. The Failed Promise of a Billion-Dollar Business, award-winning journalist and New York University professor Pamela Newkirk describes the gap between the rhetoric and the reality where racial equity and inclusion are concerned. She calls us to go beyond the diversity industry and lip service and radically reevaluate how we make organizations more diverse.

“In my research, the fields that claim to be most progressive—higher ed, journalism, arts, fashion—are the least diverse.”


  • Pamela Newkirk, Award-winning journalist and journalism professor at NYU