Drawing Comix at the Margins

Mohammad Saba'aneh Nate Powell

Far more than an escape, comics can pack a political punch, and so do our guests. First up, Mohammad Saba’aneh describes how he transposed his lived experience to the page, exposing the cruelties of Israeli occupation and celebrating popular resistance as the path forward. Then, Nate Powell uses his craft of political comics to break down a specifically American phenomenon – the creep of fascist aesthetics into our police and consumer choices.


  • Mohammad Saba’aneh is an artist, political cartoonist and author of White and Black: Political Cartoons from Palestine.
  • Nate Powell is a cartoonist, National Book Award winner and author of About Face.

More on Mohammad Saba’aneh’s book, White & Black: Political Cartoons from Palestine, which draw attention to brutalities of the Israeli occupation and celebrate the Palestinians’ popular resistance.

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