Supposedly, the far right have won. So what now? We ask our guests this week the same question, taking from a mixed pot of loss and success. Whether it’s about the fight for reproductive justice in the South, or a movement for rural agency in progressive work, our guests offer some wisdom on what’s happening now, and what’s next as we head into the new administration.

The Facing Race conference, coordinated by Race Forward this November in Atlanta, brought together some of the most noteworthy names in progressive organizing right now. This week on the show, we have a special compilation of interviews from the conference with these very activists.

Laura speaks with Tarso Luís Ramos, executive director of Political Research Associates, about the far right’s global dawn; Kim Diehl of the National Employment Law Project, on strategy for progressive movements; Cara Shufelt and Jessica Campbell, of the Rural Organizing Project, on supporting rural mobilization; and Esha Pandit, from the Center for Advancing Innovative Policy, on reproductive justice victories in Texas.

To watch the excerpt with Judith LeBlanc from the conference go here:

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