A collusion crisis. That’s what the money media are facing since the Attorney General released his summary of the Special Prosecutor’s report. Barr says Mueller says he found no proof of a Russia/Trump campaign conspiracy to subvert US democracy. Oh no! How are cable companies going to keep their ratings

  How could it be that a disease that was virtually extinct here 20 years ago is not just on the rise, but constitutes such a serious threat to public health that Washington State recently declared a state of emergency?  The problem, according to The WHO is “Vaccine hesitancy.” Simply put,

    A great divide is shaping up in the newspaper business between those who want to make American Journalism “great again” and those who believe it has never been great but could be. It’ll come as no surprise to anyone where I fall.   Local papers have taken a hit. There’s no debate

The social fabrics connecting us are being torn apart. This state of affairs is normal, Laura laments in this week's Fword, but only in a broken society. Bombarded by the influx of breaking news and scrambling to make ends meet in this hypercapitalist world, we are losing touch with our

The slaying of Marielle Franco, a black, gay Brazilian council member, and activist is a blow to Brazil's most marginalized and vulnerable communities. In this week's F-word, Laura celebrates the life of this exceptional woman as well as the unprecedented, global response to her murder.

Laura's weekly commentary -- a few cheers for the cities who divest, even as the current administration is stacked with fossil-fuel corporate officials. America gets to choose what it wants.