Kali Akuno asks an important question: where would we be as a world today if people of the left had been as organized in 2008 when the financial crash hit as they’d been in 1980 before thirty years of neoliberalism?    Akuno, a co-founder and co-coordinator of Cooperation Jackson in Mississippi, asked

And at the level of principle, Colau has not finished making change yet. Having polled her base this weekend, Colau’s putting the question to the people. Barcelonans will vote on what deal she should make. Let the people decide. Putting that principle into practice has got to be a win,

On Left: Claud Cockburn in Spain with Fred Branfman, commander of British battalion of International Brigade, in a photo by Gerda Toro. (Photo courtesy Laura Flanders)     Eighty years ago this April, Spain fell under a nearly forty-year dictatorship after Right beat Left in a brutal civil war. That history feels acutely

Can it happen here? Absolutely it can. Even in a liberal bastion. A few weeks ago, a handful of white supremacists marched into a bookstore in Washington D.C., temporarily disrupting a talk by Jonathan Metzl, the author of Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment is Killing America’s

  I’ve been on the road a bit and catching up on email’s been hard; staying up with social media even tricker because I have been failing, failing to keep up with Trump TV. Now don’t get me wrong. The Attorney General’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee and his standoff with the

I had the honor of receiving an Izzy Award this year, named after dissident journalist I.F. Stone. Presented by the Park Center for Independent Media, the ceremony had me thinking about Stone and journalism and that wooly word “independence.”   And that’s just what I was doing when I heard about