Bigotry and the Health Crisis: Covid-19 F Word           Laura explores the relation of bigotry and the health crisis and compares the modern history of healthcare in the US to the UK.       Transcript:   Our Health Crisis is Born of Bigotry   “A bridge is no stronger than its weakest part.” Former slave turned

    Kenyon Farrow on the Racial and Economic Implications of the Coronavirus Pandemic   Guest commentary by way of Kenyon Farrow, writer, journalist, strategist, senior editor of TheBody.com and TheBodyPro.com, breaks down the racial and economic disparities present with COVID-19. This virus outbreak affects the most vulnerable communities while exposing a broken healthcare

  February/March: The Pandering Months   Here we are again, ending Black History Month, starting Women’s History month. This time, the season coincides with the Democratic primaries. The Democratic Party has no more loyal group of voters than African Americans, especially African American women. Black women’s votes will help cinch the nomination, and

Democracy vs Dictatorship: Don't Let Bloomberg Muddy That Choice   The 2020 presidential race didn’t get decided this week, but the choice before us did: more democracy or less of it. That’s the decision we are facing, and if the Democrats manage to foul this up, they may not get another chance.    The

  In the first week of February, every four years, coastal correspondents decamp to Iowa to cover the first-in-the nation nominating contest. Face-to-face, caucus by caucus, what the state lacks in demographics, it makes up for in down-home democracy, we’re told. And down-home democracy rests on down-the-street media. That’s why when

Iowa is not the Twitterverse   It was a balmy 70 degrees in New York City last Saturday, and the excited green croci began tipping through the earth. Now, that same ground is icy, and those tips are frozen stiff, and I’ve been fearing that the same fate might befall hopeful progressive

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