Raul Midón

Raul Midón: Creative Adaptation and Covid-19

Raul Midón: Creative Adaptation During Covid-19




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Grammy-nominated musician Raul Midón has never fit neatly into any category. A skillful singer-songwriter and guitarist, he melds African and Latin influences, combining jazz with soul and bossa nova with salsa. As an independent musician, he also writes, performs, records and produces all of his own work. His most recent album, The Mirror, was released just days before the US went into lockdown for the Covid-19 crisis, but Midón has used his time at home as an opportunity to perform live for his fans from his studio. This week, he explains his unique production and engineering process to Laura and shares how he collaborates with musicians all over the world. At a time when many of us are scrambling to adjust to the challenges of life during a pandemic, Raul Midón is serving up positive energy, a model of creative adaptation and, best of all, great music!


Photo Credit: Samuel Prather


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