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On February 23 at the Hammer Museum in LA, Laura moderated a discussion about the future of environmental justice featuring actor and activist Jane Fonda and community organizer Janet Valenzuela. “We can’t solve the climate crisis if we don’t address the issue with environmental justice,” says Fonda.

People of color, immigrants and indigenous people are more likely to be affected by pollutants and other environmental hazards. Factories, plants and fracking drills are placed disproportionately in and around already marginalized communities, and the health effects are disastrous. Large national efforts to combat climate change need to engage with local, grassroots movements or we risk leaving our most vulnerable communities behind.

Addressing these issues needs to be done carefully. Communities often depend on plants or other environmentally destructive businesses as a critical source of jobs. When these job sources are removed, something must be done to fill the void or the communities will suffer.

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