The Laura Flanders Show expands our perception of what is possible in the areas of community, economy, and justice by spotlighting people and movements driving systemic change.

The Laura Flanders Show leads the field in new economy media, reporting on the social critics, artists, activists, and entrepreneurs who are building tomorrow’s world today. While mainstream media looks for ways the world is falling apart, The Laura Flanders Show brings us stories that will piece it back together — better.

Since 2008, The Laura Flanders Show has reached 5.3 million viewers on YouTube (over 150,000 people every month). The program is syndicated in the US on KCET/LINKtv and Free Speech TV for a combined reach of some 74 million homes.  Join now.

“Laura is enabling people to see the true value of what they are doing and the very real possibility
of transformative change.”


– Stacy Mitchell
Executive Director, The Institute for Local Self Reliance

“For well over a decade, Laura Flanders has used her extraordinary skills to follow the trail of the most exciting and inspiring alternatives to our perilous economic model.”


– Naomi Klein
Climate Justice activist and author of ‘This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate’

“It is not enough to call Laura the media’s leading voice on the Left. She is the voice of global justice, my favorite journalist and critic dedicate to people’s power and genuine democracy.”


– Robin D.G. Kelley
Author of Freedom Dreams: The Black, Radical Imagination

“The Laura Flanders Show is where you go to find out about the innovations that will help shape the future.”


– Ai-jen Poo
Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance

“Flanders doesn’t just talk about the problems… she broadcasts the actions that communities are taking to craft the solutions.”


– Gopal Dayaneni
Executive Director Movement Generation

“The LF Show covers the critical stories around racism and sexism, but even better, it brings an intersectional lens to all its reporting.


– Professor Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw
Founder, African-American Policy Forum

“Laura has picked up on the movements, people, and places that are truly changing this country for the better.”


– Saru Jayaraman
Executive Director, The Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC)

“Laura Flanders is the real deal.”

– Rev. William Barber
Architect, Poor People’s Campaign
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