The Laura Flanders Show, on public television and radio, investigates the drivers of racism, sexism, and environmental destruction, and examines alternative systems and policies that could, and do, exist with a view to shifting the economy, culture, and political terrain.

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The Laura Flanders Show brings in-depth discussion about racial, gender, economic, and environmental justice to public television and radio. Every week, award-winning journalist Laura Flanders invites activists, artists, journalists, scholars, and impacted community members into conversation about the strategies they’re using to build a better future.

What people are saying

Laura Flanders stands out steadfastly producing insight, understanding, clear sighted vision, just what is needed in dark times —desperately needed if we are to overcome the worst and move forward to a much better world as we can.”

Noam Chomsky

Professor Emeritus, MIT


“The Laura Flanders Show is where you go to find out about the innovations that will help shape the future.”

Ai-jen Poo

Director, National
Domestic Workers Alliance


It’s so important in a moment where our democracy seems to be on a knife’s edge that we have a show that actually demands something of us. That forces you to sit down and listen and think and debate and reflect. It’s a treasure in these crisis times.”

Eddie S. Glaude Jr

Chair, Dept. of
African American Studies
Princeton University


It’s important to support independent media so much of the media is controlled by big corporations and people that have an axe to grind.”

Raul Midon

Grammy Nominated


The Laura Flanders Show actually takes us into deep conversations that are really impacting our lives right now and uplifting people that are shaping the future in a way that will make it liveable for so many of us.”

adrienne maree brown

Author, Activist, Feminist

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We are non-commercial and depend on the contributions of viewers and listeners.
The Laura Flanders Show is produced by Curious Communications, a 501(c)3 not for profit organization.

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On this month’s “Meet the BIPOC Press” with @theLFshow and @url_media, #journalists from @epicenter_nyc, @prismreports and @media_outlier share what they’re covering in 2023. Tune in for the episode premiere and join Laura in the comments in 30 MINUTES: https://bit.ly/3kTeCEm

Our monthly donors on #Patreon have early access to the full, uncut conversation with #JohannHari, author of "Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention and How to Think Deeply Again”. Listen here and learn why Hari's next book is on #NoamChomsky: https://bit.ly/3Y5hsVp

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