Integration Won’t Solve Racism in Schools

Making the future while surviving a war. As a photo of a young Sudanese woman, Alaa Saleh or 'Kandaka' leading protest chants from the top of a car goes viral, we take a look at women's participation in the perpetual interplay of global war and peace.

Gender Ideology: A Pretext for Murder in Brazil

Just days before the anniversary of activist Marielle Franco's assassination in Brazil, prosecutors there charged two former police officers with her murder. Those arrests may provide a partial answer to the question of who killed her. Many other questions, including who ordered her killing and why, remain unanswered.

Are Women Better At Waging Peace?

Making the future while surviving a war. In humanity’s never ending war stories, combat makes the news, but the macho gaze misses the complex reality and tends to ignore the role of...

Farm Workers to Farm Owners

About Where do racial justice and food justice meet? Perhaps at the point where long time farmworkers are able to buy their own land. In the United States today,...

LF SHOW EXCLUSIVE: Exile of Bolsonaro’s Brazil: Feminist Debora Diniz

How do we define "love is love," and what are we willing to do to defend one another? This week, we speak with a group of LGBTQIA leaders on just that.

Youth Climate Activism and the New Non-Violent Resistance

About the Show In the wake of the 25th UN Climate Change Summit known as the Conference of Partners or COP,...

Patent Protection or a People’s Vaccine?

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Standing Up To The Sacklers

Art organizations and sponsorship dollars have gone hand in hand for decades. But with backlash and protests over donors ethics, should cultural institutions begin looking into new funding streams? This week on...

How Can Municipal Government Promote Economic Democracy?

New York, NY... it's a city with close to a $100 billion budget every year and a deputy mayor with some pretty creative plans for how to spend it. What can one...

The State of Human Rights in Brazil – K.K Verdade

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EHU2n0OflsK.K Verdade of Fundo ELAS, Brazil's largest and only women's foundation, updates us on the fight for human rights post-Bolsonaro's election, gender ideology, and how Marielle Franco's fight still continues.

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