The State of Human Rights in Brazil – K.K Verdade

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9EHU2n0OflsK.K Verdade of Fundo ELAS, Brazil's largest and only women's foundation, updates us on the fight for human rights post-Bolsonaro's election, gender ideology, and how Marielle Franco's fight still continues.

Self-Determination Arising from Resistance

About the Show In this episode of The Laura Flanders Show, author and scholar Dr. Priyamvada Gopal discusses her latest book, Insurgent Empire, which examines...

Resisting Authoritarianism One Co-op at a Time

Spain's history reminds us that elections aren't guarantees. They're expressions of popular will, and what follows them is just as important.

Are Women Better At Waging Peace?

Making the future while surviving a war. In humanity’s never ending war stories, combat makes the news, but the macho gaze misses the complex reality and tends to ignore the role of...

Youth Climate Activism and the New Non-Violent Resistance

About the Show In the wake of the 25th UN Climate Change Summit known as the Conference of Partners or COP,...

Cooperation vs Authoritarianism in Spain

Two of the regions that were the most brutally repressed under the mid-century dictatorship of Francisco Franco built the world’s largest worker-owned cooperatives

Integration Won’t Solve Racism in Schools

Making the future while surviving a war. As a photo of a young Sudanese woman, Alaa Saleh or 'Kandaka' leading protest chants from the top of a car goes viral, we take a look at women's participation in the perpetual interplay of global war and peace.

Revolutionary Love

About the Show As 2019 comes to a close, Laura speaks with Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Lewis of Middle Collegiate Church in New York City's East...

Mourn Justice Ginsburg, Keep Fighting

“Ruth Bader Ginsburg changed the way the law sees gender... She changed the course of American law... She touched the lives of generations...

Drawing Comix at the Margins

Far more than an escape, comics can pack a political punch, and so do our guests. First up, Mohammad Saba’aneh describes how he transposed his lived experience to...

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