New Justice: A World Beyond Prisons

New Justice: A World Beyond Prisons



Prisons, police and punishment through incarceration. Are they with us forever in the land of the free? Sustained campaigns for change are beginning to pay off. At the community level, it turns out that a whole lot of people and places already make peace without cops. Today, we imagine a world without prisons. It may be closer than we think.



“It’s not just a structural issue that prisons are an institution. It actually is a question of relationship, of even conceptually, what do we see as harm and what do we see as a response to addressing harm or trauma? Let alone recovering from it. And what do we do with the humanity of the people, which turns out is everybody, who has caused harm?” – Esteban Kelly


“When we talk about mass incarceration, abolition, we don’t think that all these things are supposed to work in tandem. I think it’s very important to have that analysis together because we live in a system that works together every day to find different ways to oppress our communities that are already at the bottom of the barrel.” – Kerbie Joseph


“Just part of the mass incarceration itself and that system helped perpetuate the kind of isolation that people feel in communities. When you’ve started to arrest so many people and you create such levels of instability, people in communities don’t know each other anymore in ways that they did.” – Kenyon Farrow


Featured Guests:

Esteban Kelly, Executive Director, US Federation of Worker Cooperatives

Kerbie Joseph, Community Organizer, ANSWER (Act Now To Stop War and End Racism) & The Audre Lorde Project

Kenyon Farrow, Senior Editor, TheBody.com



From Laura:


It is sometimes said that we can’t be what we cannot see, so are we able to imagine a world without jails and prisons? We’ve heard the mind-blowing statistics. The U.S. is the world’s leader in incarceration. We’ve read about the atrocities that continue to take place in prisons and as a result of being imprisoned. There has been some progress, a growing movement to abolish prisons and jails. They call it abolition. But how and where would we even begin to dismantle this enormous so-called prison-industrial complex, and what are the real solutions that encompass the needs of the vast and diverse communities that have already been harmed?


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