1980’s Art – turbulent and provocative – arose out of the AIDS epidemic. Two major art exhibits on view in New York City – one universally-acclaimed a must-see, the other overwhelmingly-anticipated: Peter Hujar: Speed of Life (Morgan, through May 20) and David Wojnarowicz: History Keeps Me Awake at Night (Whitney, July 13 – Sept 30).
The artists’ lives were singular and intertwined: personal and political, formal and furious, playful and profane. What do this Art and the lives of these masterful artists have to do with the art and activism of today?
The Hujar retrospective ends before the Wojnarowicz retrospective arrives. Laura Flanders and her guests bring the exhibits together in a frank and probing discussion: David Kiehl of the Whitney, Joel Smith of the Morgan, Pamela Sneed, educator, poet, performer, author, artist.


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