U.S. Democrats & Europe’s Left – Connecting Across Borders

Xenophobia, austerity, and an activated constituency — there’s a lot in common across international progressive fronts. ​ ​At the Progressive Caucus Center Strategy Summit in Baltimore, Laura talks to progressive democrats and their friends about what comes next, in the Trump era, and otherwise. First, Raúl Grijalva(D-AZ 3rd District), longtime co-chair of the Progressive Caucus of U.S. Congress Democrats and Diane Abbott, Shadow Home Secretary of the UK Labour Party discuss the similar global landscape for progressive politics.


Plus, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA 12th District) ​with a counterpoint on capitalism. Then, Mark Pocan(D-WI 2nd District)​, also co-chair of Dems’ Progressive Caucus and Eduardo Maura, spokesperson of Spanish political party, Podemos, on where a populist progressive vision can take us, even in repressive times.


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