PROMO: May Day 2017 – Movements Unite for Change.

Coming Up – Dismantle. Change. Build. Together.

That’s the message coming from over 80 organizations uniting across the United States and the world, this May 1st, also known as International Worker’s Day. May Day celebrates not just the historic resistance of workers, but the beginning of a new, fertile, season. The #beyondthemoment, #daywithoutimmigrants, POC, LGBTQ, women, veterans, artists, anti-war, anti-capitalist organizers who have worked to build this May Day resistance are looking forward to creating a new season, indeed, of equity.

The beloved community will be present. We’re ready for the solutions people can create, and for a politics of belonging. And we’re ready to be part of the new media working to broadcast these radical connections. Join us: www.lauraflanders.com/membership.

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