A May Day Special Report from the Laura Flanders Show features the mass mobilization of the people on International Worker’s Day! Before May Day 2017, we talk to organizers about what they imagine will come from this year’s day of springtime resistance.

People are rising up to call for transformative justice, and they are working towards it in new and creative ways. May Day urges us to dream bigger, to set aside conservative notions of what is feasible and focus instead on what is just. As always, we’re forward-thinking media, looking to uplift solutions and solvers to a higher stage.

This episode follows organizers as they present their visions of a better world – and what they’re doing to build it. They raise the question: how can we work together to build the future available to everyone, meaning trans people, immigrants, workers, indigenous people, veterans, people of color, and women? From the broad based #BeyondtheMoment coalition uniting movements under the banner of Black liberation and anti-militarism, to the Day without Immigrants, which paints a chilling portrait of what our communities could become, this day is about what we’ll build to exist 200 hundred years from now.

Featuring Thaís Marquis (Movemiento Cosecha), UPROSE Brooklyn (Grassroots Global Justice Alliance), the New Sanctuary Coalition NYC, Agunda Okeyo (Hater Free NYC), Claude Copeland (Iraq Veterans Against the War), and more. #MayDay to #MemorialDay.


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