Grappling with the devastating results of the 2016 election will entail that we also grapple with the phenomenon it will distribute amongst our lives thricefold: violence. We are about to see a significant uptick in violence against all minorities; this election is already giving way to widespread Islamophobia, racism, and brutality.

In this very special broadcast, we return to a panel convened last year, moderated by Laura, that takes on violence against women as it spans across those intersections. Convened by One Billion Rising, V-Day, and the Columbia Law School Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies, this panel wonders how women can resist the violence of “state, and empire.” What can we learn from these panelists, including Monique Wilson and Eve Ensler, who address the issue from vast and diverse corridors of injustice? How should we plan to work to protect the many women in our lives, Black women, Trans women, Muslim women, and their rights to abortion, expression, or refuge?

We hope you will take from this episode a few new tools and some comfort. Look out for part 2, and support media that supports you:

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