Are we stuck in a two-party gridlock, or is there still room for democracy? Ralph Nader, former presidential candidate and famed political maverick, joins us to discuss what really constitutes “people power” when it comes to this election. Known for his lifetime advocacy for electoral reform and corporate accountability, Nader talks about what the 2016 election’s taught us about the need for a government overhaul. For Nader, the choice between what he calls a “warmonger” and an “empty suit,” is no choice at all. But that doesn’t mean voters can’t make a difference, especially on Congress.

Nader is the author a new book, ”Breaking Through Power: It’s Easier Than We Think.” Also in this episode, a look at those most integral to this election: the voters, with a retrospective from the Democratic National Convention, more from the fight at Standing Rock and an F Word from Laura on winner-take-all media coverage.


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