New Labor Movements, New Labor Coverage: Sarah Jaffe (Excerpt)

GRITtv: Former GRITtv staff member, journalist and co-host of the Dissent podcast Belabored, Sarah Jaffe, joins The Laura Flanders Show to discuss the exciting movements taking place within labor.

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Last week fast food workers around the nation staged a one-day strike. In cities like Indianapolis, New York, Tampa, Chicago, and Detroit, workers demanded $15/hr, up from their minimum-wage, $7.25/hr that barely, if at all, covers living expenses. 1,000 restaurants and stores in 58 cities were affected by workers striking; a record high for employees at low-wage jobs, like Wal-Mart and fast-food franchises, who began protesting their minimum-wage salaries late last year. Considering the gloomy state of labor, these strikes offer a glimmer of hope in an industry where, traditionally, workers had little bargaining power and feared recrimination.

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